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Hi All! I am beyond grateful that you are here! Thank you for being courageous and vulnerable all at the same time.  I love life and have a sense of humor.  The rough times have made me dig deep and learn more about myself, move through, and grow.  My young life was built on fear and self-doubt. These thoughts became "the story" . As I got older and much wiser, I began to realize that this "story" does not define me as a person.  I taught myself to be an individual. I taught myself to be relentless in pursuing what I wanted. It helped me to continue becoming the best version of me. 

I believe we can all "peel away the story" and come back to who we truly are. When we really look in

the mirror, we can come back to that core essence and allow that light from within to shine!

 As we truly " get up and take care of ourselves", we shine. When we shine that only helps

to allow others to rise up and shine. 



Can't Wait to Connect!

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