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Hi All! I am beyond grateful that you are here! Thank you for being courageous and vulnerable all at the same time. This is a quick little glimpse into who I am. I love life and have a sense of humor. Sure, I have had my fair share of challenges, as I am sure you have. The rough times have made me dig deep and learn more about myself, move through, and grow. When I was barely just three years old, my mom walked out on my brother and I. When she left, she decided to take my baby sister with her–this is where The Story starts. My young life was built on fear and self-doubt, these beliefs became very rooted in me. I put pressure on myself and felt If I did not do things just right, I would be left. These thoughts became "the story" that I would tell myself over and over again. As I got older and much wiser, I began to realize that this "story" does not define me as a person.  It taught me to be an individual. It taught me toughness and to be relentless in pursuing what I wanted. It helped me to be the best mom.

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BCM stands for, Before Came Me. BCM is the initials for my three children, Brandon, Camron, and Madison. If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up the #1 answer was, a mom and a wife - period! I was blessed to become a mom and I knew that my children would always be my greatest teachers. This has been shown to be true without a shadow of a doubt! Before Came Me is something that developed over the years. As I go along my journey, my life challenges help me to dig deep and peel away "the story".

I see and feel this bright light of joy bubbling up in me, the light of pure love, and I know this is who God had intended me to be.

It is not only my challenges and how I lived them that has created "me", it is also from watching my children grow. I started to see "stories" of doubt stick to them and dim their light, and I thought, "Oh so this is how it starts"....NO NO NO! So let's work together. I would love to get to know you and support you in your journey. I believe that as we truly " get up and take care of ourselves", we shine. When we shine that only helps to allow others to rise up and shine. We can help each other through our "stories" and by being willing to be vulnerable. Your story is most likely not like mine. Come on in, I am here for you!! No one gets to take your light!



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