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Everything in the universe is energy, including emotions and thoughts. Reiki is a coping method that helps us recharge and re-center. It is a relaxation technique that balances the body, reduces stress, and helps in the healing process.


I am a Usui Reiki Master. This means that my healing ability expanded to better attune myself with my clients and to heal from a distance. Attainment through a Reiki Master Teacher is a part of the process for Reiki to channel into my clients. It brings them back to a more settled state of ‘me’. A light that clears away the stress that hangs over them.

Through gentle touch and intention, the healing art of Reiki works as positive energy channels through the Reiki Practitioner to the client. The most prominent effect of a Reiki healing session is a profound feeling of peace and calm. Reiki methods can be taught to anyone. No faith or belief is required to practice or receive Reiki. Reiki is not a religion. 


My hope for each client is that they experience a calming relaxation in their mind, body, and spirit.  I help others to unleash the beauty within. Balancing energies and awakening the light through hands-on Reiki is my passion.  We all have gifts! At times, we need a gentle reminder to ourselves, that we got this! Be a beacon.


Table Sessions

45-minute session: $55

60-minute session with Chakra Balancing: $65

(+$15 to travel to you!)


Distance Reiki

1-on-1 Distance Session: $20 (Check-in, call or text, reiki sent to you ASAP)

1-on-1 Distance Reiki Spa Session: $45 

(Intake call or text, reiki sent within 24 hours)


Reiki Certification Courses

Level 1 & Level 2 Reiki Hybrid Course

3 Day


Reiki can be sent to you over a distance. We start by having a conversation to get clear on your healing intention, whether it be physical, emotional, or possibly a combination of both. With your permission, I then send Reiki to bring positive transformational change. I can send Reiki once or multiple times in a session. Just like my in-person session, the distance healing will bring you to a peaceful state and clear away anything that hides your inner shine.

distance reiki
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